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66KBET:10 wager-free spins + up to IDR 28888888 on first deposit

New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% bonus on your first deposit up to IDR 28,888,888 unless otherwise stated. This bonus is only available for deposits of IDR 600,000,000 or higher! All you have to do is deposit money into your 66k.one account and you will receive this bonus instantly!

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66KBET details

Year Established 2008
Withdrawal Time within 5 minutes
License 8048/JAZ
Language Support Indonesian, English
Product 4000+ online betting games from slots, sports to casinos
Deposit and withdrawal methods QRIS、BRI、BNI、BCA、PERMATA、OVO、DANA、Bank
Deposit Time within 30 seconds
Support platform PC, mobile phone, ipad, TV

  • Intelligent betting entrance design, logical layout.
  • Supports applications on mobile phones and computer platforms.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are fast, saving bettors time.
  • There are various games, with more than 4800 big and small games.
  • Occasional bonus activities and continuous updates.
  • Provides numerous expert football analysis and betting articles, updated with the latest game information.
  • Some banks perform maintenance during the night and therefore transactions are not possible during certain hours.
  • The link to this home page has been blocked, so you will need to use an alternative link from 66KBET to access it.
  • Slowing down transaction processes while banks maintain and upgrade systems.
  • This promotion requires a fairly high betting roll.
  • An up-to-date replacement domain name is often required.

66KBET Overview

66KBET is an extremely good bookmaker today compared to all other bookmakers currently on the Indonesian betting market. Despite the ever-increasing technological developments and the continuous creation of new online bookmakers, 66KBET has maintained its position and increasingly asserted itself over the years. In 2023 alone, 66KBET’s active users in Indonesia exceeded 10 million, and the number of daily active users reached 50,000. The number of bets placed in a single day reached 270 million. Members who play here will have the opportunity to win a lot of money when participating in games. This achievement is due to the brand’s continuous efforts and improvements. Work with a reputable bookmaker to understand and evaluate the outstanding advantages that 66KBET has to offer.

Loved and trusted by more than 5 million home users in Indonesia, this proves that Home is a reputable and high-quality playground for everyone to experience.

66KBET Bookmaker was established in 2008, is authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao, and operates under a license issued to 8048/JAZ (No. Antillephone). This helps 66KBET become a legal bookmaker and meet the high legal betting requirements for all members.

66KBET official latest replacement link

Today’s update of 66KBET’s latest participating betting links:

When you intend to place a bet at the casino, you must first use the official 66KBET link. However, many bookmaker links currently appearing on the market are not managed by the official 66KBET. If you choose to play with these fake bookmakers, you run a high risk of being scammed.

To keep players safe, you need to use bookmaker links from our top reputable bookmakers. We provide the latest, best and unblocked links to the bookmaker 66KBET on this website.


The interface design of 66KBET is very scientific and the layout is reasonable. The purpose of this design is to facilitate users to find information on the website and provide players with a friendly experience.

The use of gray and black background design can effectively highlight the information conveyed by the house to the players. At the same time, this design also provides 66KBET with a simple and modern interface style.

Our web interface is fully optimized to work specifically with today’s PC web browsers. Therefore, you can experience the functionality of our website very quickly. This will give you a pleasant and comfortable feeling when placing bets at the casino.

What is 66KBET?

66KBET is one of the bookmakers that specializes in providing online betting services in Indonesia, especially in the fields of slot machines and sports. With slot machines, fishing, lottery, casino, lottery, cockfighting and other entertainment products… 66KBET provides players with a diversified and attractive entertainment playground. In addition, our bank provides a diversified betting system to meet the betting needs of players.

Is 66KBET reputable?

So is 66KBET reputable? 66KBET is a betting company specializing in online betting services, authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao and operating under a license issued to 8048/JAZ (No. Antillephone), 66KBET has passed all appropriate audits and obtained Legally authorized to operate all games of chance and gambling.

Since its launch in early 2008, 66KBET has expanded its business to many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. 66KBET has a fast automatic transaction processing system and a dedicated customer service team, providing a series of attractive promotions to help players enjoy betting fun. Therefore, 66KBET ensures to provide players with a safe, reputable and ideal betting place.

Why do players choose 66KBET?

66KBET betting website has many outstanding advantages, a very high trust rating in the industry, and a rich, diverse and stable selection of over 4,000 games. The recharge speed is fast, the withdrawal speed is fast, and 7*24 hours online customer service.

Achievements of 66KBET bookmaker

66KBET’s business scale has not only expanded in Indonesia, but also expanded to many other countries and regions. Some typical markets include: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Brazil, Japan, Cambodia and South Korea.

The reliability of bookmaker 66KBET is discussed variously on many forums. Regardless of positive or negative information, brands always affirm their value by providing actual services. Outstanding titles won by 66KBET in recent years include:

  • Top 10 most advanced and modern football betting apps.
  • Top 10 most advanced and modern slot betting sites.
  • Top 10 most reputable online casino sites in Indonesia.
  • Top 10 most reputable online casino sites in Indonesia.
  • Top 10 football betting sites in Asia.
  • Top 10 slot betting sites in Asia.
  • Top 10 Premium Gambling and Bonus Sites in Indonesia.
  • Top 10 esports betting sites for the most attractive bets today.
  • Top 10 Most Prestigious Bonus Slot Game Portals 2024.

Seeing the above, you might as well register the 66KBET official account for fun betting!

Diverse games of 66KBET bookmaker

Players who visit 66KBET for the first time will be surprised by the huge game system here. From popular games to fussy titles, the company pays attention and invests in every little detail.

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ultimate betting space with state-of-the-art sound, graphics and dynamic effects systems. Check out some of the hottest betting halls from this globally famous brand!

online slot machines

66KBET offers unique and exciting slot games, as well as a range of exciting jackpots. What’s special here is the high bonus payout rate, along with top-notch graphics and an engaging storyline. Players are sure to enjoy wonderful moments of entertainment with these slot games. If you want to become a successful bettor and make billions from it, give it a try.

66KBET slot machine
66KBET slot machine

The slot machine manufacturers offered are:

  • Pragmatic Play
  • CQ9 Gaming
  • JDB Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • ASIA Gaming
  • Win Gaming
  • KA Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • BNG
  • PS slots
  • JILI Games
  • SG slots
  • RICH88
  • YGR Games
  • BBIN

Sports Betting

For those who like sports betting (especially football), choosing 66KBET’s football betting is one of the very good choices. On this platform, players can experience a variety of rich competitions and betting systems, as well as detailed odds tables and betting information. Just predict the exact score of the match and place your bet appropriately to get in on the action.

Players will receive rewards from their residence immediately after the competition ends. Now, 66KBET also provides multiple fascinating game halls and football games, such as AFF Cup, World Cup, Premier League, C1 Cup, La Liga, European Cup, etc., as well as 1X2, over/under, odd and even, correct score betting and other betting systems, with a total of Betting, last goal and 2, 5, 7 and stadium number 247.

66KBET Sports Manufacturer
66KBET Sports Manufacturer

The online sports betting providers offered are:

  • SBO Sports
  • SBO Sports
  • 3 SING Sports
  • PANDA Esportes
  • IM Sports
  • BTI Sports
  • BBIN Sports
  • CROWN Sports

Fishing Online

Additionally, Asia’s leading bookmaker offers a range of fun fish shooting games with prizes. The high reward rate and dramatic gameplay will instantly fascinate players. Through the 66KBET Shooting Fish Hall, you will have an interesting entertainment experience and make money effectively. This will help you relieve stress and enjoy the real feeling of playing the game.

Online fishing betting
Online fishing betting
  • JDB Fishing
  • YGR Fishing
  • WG Fishing
  • Rich88 Fishing
  • SG Fishing
  • JILI Fishing
  • PS Fishing
  • KA Fishing
  • FC Fishing
  • Baison Fishing
  • MG Fishing
  • CQ9 Fishing
  • BBIN Fishing

Online Casino

At 66KBET, the online casino betting method is what many players are most interested in. Therefore, a wide variety of betting areas can be found here, and the casino game systems are also the most popular. Additionally, the company works with a number of reputable publishers to improve the quality of its casino and casino game inventory.

Live Video Gambling
Live Video Gambling
  • CQ9 Live
  • AG Live
  • eBET Live
  • PP Live
  • Ezugi Live
  • AE Live
  • WM Live
  • SA Live
  • BBIN Live
  • EVO Live
  • WE Joga Ao

In particular, there are dealer staff in each casino area to assist in coordinating bets. Betting activities are broadcast live directly from the casino 7/24, ensuring openness and transparency for players. Therefore, when you visit this betting address, you will be able to experience a range of attractive online casino games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, etc…

Card Poker

Card games are one of the most attractive types of games at 66KBET. Players can find a rich and diverse card game store here, including classic and modern online card games. Betting levels are flexible and you can place a minimum bet with just IDR 10,000.

Live Poker Gambling
Live Poker Gambling
  • JDB Cards
  • KM Cards
  • WG Cards
  • Rich88 Cards
  • SG Cards
  • JILI Cards
  • PS Cards
  • Baison Cards
  • MG Cards


66KBET is a reputable gambling company that provides online betting services where players can enjoy lottery entertainment. Lottery is favored by experts because of its attractive gameplay. Here, bookmakers are committed to providing the fastest lottery odds and the most comprehensive betting methods, making it easy for players to choose winning numbers. In addition, this online lottery gameplay also maintains many characteristics of traditional lottery games, making it convenient for players to participate.

Especially in the field of lottery betting such as lotto, lottery, three-digit lottery, terminal, etc., the bonus rate is very attractive. This is definitely a very attractive betting product for those who love digital entertainment.

Lottery and Cockfighting Gambling
Lottery and Cockfighting Gambling
  • SABA Lottery
  • BBIN Lottery


  • SV388 Cockfight

Registration/Login Instructions for 66KBET

For long-term bettors, creating an account at 66KBET is not difficult. However, for new player users, this issue is still relatively “ignorant”. Therefore, you need to refer to how to create a membership account for yourself:

Step 1: Choose to register

Visit the 66KBET official website, select the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the homepage, and fill in your real information according to the required information (because your true identity needs to be verified when you withdraw money in the future). 66KBET will put user privacy first, so you can register and bet with confidence.

Step 2: Fill in the member’s personal information

When the corresponding registration form is displayed, you will need to fill in the required personal information, namely:

66KBET fill in user personal information
66KBET fill in user personal information
  1. Account name: You can choose, enter the user name with letters + numbers.
  2. Login Password: You create your own login password for your betting account.
  3. Re-enter password: Re-enter the password required by the dealer above.
  4. Mobile phone number: Enter your actual mobile phone number to receive official promotions more quickly in the future.

Step 3: Complete registration

After members fill in the required information on the registration form, click the Create Account button. When the registration request is successfully processed, you will officially become a member of 66KBET.

Step 4: Log in to your membership account

In the upper right corner of the 66KBET official homepage, please select “Login” and fill in the required information:

66KBET user login
66KBET user login
  1. Username
  2. Password

Of course, the login name and password here must be consistent with the account password you created at that time. Then, click “Log In” and you’re done. After successful login, your username will be displayed on the home page interface.

66KBET promotions and offers

When you become a member of 66KBET, you certainly cannot miss the opportunity to receive casino bonuses. You have the right to participate in and be informed of the following attractive promotions and offers:

  • Register an account and download the app to receive 1,000 IDR immediately.
  • Sign in every day to receive a bonus of 35,000 IDR.
  • New members can get up to 28,888,888IDR for their first deposit.
  • Lucky Bet Maximum Winnings 16666000 IDR.
  • Daily betting bonus maximum bonus 36666000 IDR.
  • Betting loss subsidy is up to 99999000IDR.
  • Share it on social media and earn over 100 million yuan a month easily.
  • Mystery Rewards Random prizes every day No app required.
  • ……

Members need to meet the conditions for promotions offered by the company. Only then can you successfully get bonuses from 66KBET.

In addition to promotional policies, high refund rates are also factors that attract players. Depending on the type of bet, attractive refund levels will bring you investment capital. The gaming company 66KBET implements a refund system for all new and old members, as follows:

  • Participate in live online casino products with a payout rate of 0.8%.
  • Participate in online poker betting products with a payout rate of 1%.
  • Participate in online fishing products with a payout rate of 1%.
  • Participate in online slot products with a payout rate of 1%.
  • Participate in sports betting products with a payout rate of 1%.
  • Participating in cockfighting products, the payout rate is 0.8%.
  • Participating in online lottery products, the payout rate is 0.4%.

66KBET Gambling Agent Policy

The excellent name 66KBET appears in the list of bookmakers that distribute extremely high commissions to their members. This is thanks to the huge revenue streams when operating in reputable betting markets.

The process of registering as an agent is quick and only requires a few simple steps. The company promises to pay commissions on time and is able to automatically convert exchange rates into Indonesia’s common currency. Bookmaker 66KBET’s commission limits vary depending on the agent level of each member.

66KBET Agent commission calculation
66KBET Agent commission calculation

For example:

At 66KBET, agent bonuses are calculated by placing bets. For example, if the betting amount is 100,000-200,000, the corresponding bonus rate is 0/10,000. If the betting amount exceeds 3,000,000, the agent bonus is 95/10,000. A is the agent of the website. He recruits B1, B2 and B3 as his agents. B1 also recruits C1 and C2 as his agents. B2 has no agent and B3 has only one agent, C3.

A few days later, B1’s effective bet is 120,000, B2’s effective bet is 40,000, and B3’s effective bet is 20,000. The effective bet of C1 is 100,000, the effective bet of C2 is 30,000, and the effective bet of C3 is 3 million. Therefore, the total score of B1 is C1+C2=130,000, and the broker bonus rate is 0/10000. B2 has no agent, so B2’s total performance is 0. The total performance of B3 is C3 – 3000,000, so the bonus rate is 95/10,000. The total performance of A’s direct team is 180,000 + associate broker 3130,000 = 3310,000, so the bonus rate is 95/10,000.

So their bonus is calculated as follows:

  1. Direct team: refers to vertically developed members, collectively referred to as the direct team.
    • Contribution of B1, B2, and B3 to A: (120,000+40,000+20,000)x95/10,000= 1710.
    • Contribution of C1 and C2 to B1: (100,000+30,000)x0/10,000= 0.
    • C3’s contribution to B3: 3 million × 95/10,000 = 28,500.
  2. Other teams: refers to members who develop subordinates, subordinates, subordinates, etc., collectively referred to as other teams; since this system can develop subordinates infinitely, for the convenience of explanation, this article only takes the 2-level structure as an example.
    • From the perspective of C1 and C2: Since B1’s total performance is 130,000, it only enjoys a rebate ratio of 0/10,000, while A’s total performance is 3.31 million, and it enjoys a rebate ratio of 95/10,000. Then the difference in rebate between A and B1 is: 95-0=95/10,000. This difference is the contribution of C1 and C2 to A, so C1 and C2 contribute to A: (100,000+30,000)×95/10,000= 1235.
    • From the perspective of C3: Since B3’s total performance is 3 million, the rebate ratio is 95/10,000, while A’s total performance is 3.31 million, and the rebate ratio is 95/10,000, then the rebate difference between the two A and B3 are: 95-95=0/10,000. C3 contributes to A: 3 million x0/10,000= 0.
  3. Summary description:
    • Due to C3’s strong strength, A’s entire performance indirectly enjoys the highest rebate ratio.
    • If B2 is lazy and does not train his subordinates, there will be no income.
    • Although B3 joined late and is a subordinate of A, its subordinate C3 is strong, allowing B3 to directly enjoy the highest rebate ratio. Therefore, when B3 joins, no matter whose position or level he is, their income will be They will never be affected, they will no longer suffer the losses of other subordinates, and their development will not be restricted.
    • This is an absolutely fair and just agency model that will not be trampled forever because of who joins late.

Contact 66KBET

To contact the support team of bookmaker 66KBET, players have many different options, including: live chat directly on the official website, Facebook, Telegram, email. Everything is ready and support is available 24/7 to answer all customer questions. Contact information:

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