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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting user privacy and respecting every user who uses our website. Our corporate name is SvipCasino.COM and may also be referred to as the “Company,” “we,” or “us.” If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please contact our controller, by email at [email protected].

We have created this Privacy Policy to communicate to you how we manage, collect and use your information when you use our website, which provides you with information about the casino games and gambling industry (collectively, the “Services”) .

We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy carefully and make informed decisions based on the information contained therein. If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy please contact us first, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the applicable data protection authority. In this Privacy Policy, you will learn about:

  • Types of information we collect
  • For how long do we retain the information we collect
  • Cookies
  • How do we safeguard your information
  • How we use the information we collect
  • Minors
  • With whom we share the information
  • How to contact us

What type of information we collect

The first category is de-identified and non-identifiable information about users that may be provided or collected through your use of our services and interactions with our website (referred to as “non-personal information”). We cannot identify specific users from the non-personal information we collect.

In order to improve service functions and provide a better user experience, we will collect technical information transmitted by your computer (by using third-party analysis cookies), including some software and hardware information (such as browser type), operations used by your device system, language preference, access time, and the domain name of the website you link to the service.

We also collect information about your use of our services, such as your user activities (such as pages viewed, time spent on specific pages, online browsing, clicks and actions, etc.). Among other reasons, we collect this information to research and analyze your use of our services.

We will aggregate, anonymize or de-identify the information collected through the service or other means to ensure that the information cannot be used to identify you personally. The use and disclosure of such aggregated or de-identified information is not restricted by this Privacy Policy, and we have the right to disclose this information to others for any purpose without any restrictions.

Personally identifiable information includes information from which an individual can be identified, or with reasonable effort, can identify an individual. We may collect this information by providing your email address when you subscribe to our email newsletter on the Site, or when you provide your name and email address when commenting on our news articles.

We may also obtain certain types of connection details and data about your devices and hardware, such as IP addresses.

If we combine Personal Information and Non-Personal Information, the combined information will be treated as Personal Information for the purpose of the combination.


We will use cookies and other technical or web analysis methods to collect, store and track some information related to your use of our services and related activities.

A cookie is a piece of data stored on your computer that contains information about your visit to a website. We and our trusted partners may use these cookies to achieve different goals. These goals include helping you navigate easily between different pages, automatically activating certain features, remembering your preferences, and making your interaction with our Services faster and more convenient.

We use the following types of cookies:

Session cookies: Allow us to track what you do during your browser session. A session starts when you open your browser window and ends when you close it.

Persistent cookie: a cookie that remains on your device for a set period of time and is reactivated each time you visit the website that created the cookie.

Performance cookies: a type of cookie used to collect information about website visits and browsing behaviour. This cookie will record data such as your most frequently visited pages, whether you have received error messages, etc., but will not collect any information that can identify you. All information is anonymous and presented in aggregated form. These cookies are only used to improve website performance.

Targeting cookies or advertising cookies: are primarily used to deliver advertisements to users that are relevant to their interests. These cookies can also limit the number and frequency of advertisements seen by users and help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Advertising networks usually place these cookies with the consent of the website operator. They record which specific websites and pages a user has visited and share this information with other organizations such as advertisers. Often, targeting or advertising cookies are linked to website features offered by other organisations. Some examples are third-party analytics providers such as Google, VWO, Hotjar, and Clicky. For more information on online behavioral advertising cookies and online privacy, please see the Internet Advertising Industry Guide at www.youronlinechoices.com.

You can delete cookies by following your browser instructions. However, if you choose to disable cookies, some features of our Services may not function properly and your online experience may be limited. For more information on cookies and how to disable them, we refer you to the following website: www.allaboutcookies.org.

In addition, our website may use widgets, beacons and other technologies to collect non-personal information related to your browsing preferences. We will use these technologies in our daily operations, including collecting statistical data about your use of our services and adjusting the services according to your personal preferences. Third parties use information collected by these tracking technologies on our behalf to provide technical diagnostic and analysis tools.

Your options

  • Cookie settings in Chrome
  • Cookie settings in Firefox
  • Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
  • Cookie settings in Safari

Cookie providers

Supplier cookies: These cookies are placed by us or by website operators commissioned by us.

Third-party cookies are a means of being stored and used by other organizations or websites, such as from web analytics tools such as Google, VWO, Hotjar and Clicky. External providers may also use cookies to display advertisements or integrate content from social networks, such as social plug-ins. For more information on web analytics tools and reach measurement, please see the remainder of this cookie policy.

MediaMath Cookies

SvipCasino.COM chose MediaMath as their programmatic advertising platform.

In simple terms, programmatic advertising refers to the automated process of buying and selling advertising inventory in real time. Advertising inventory refers to online space that advertisers can buy to display their products and/or brands to a specific target audience.

MediaMath is a demand-side platform (DSP) that enables advertisers to buy and manage ad inventory from multiple ad sources through a single interface.

The advertising technology of the MediaMath platform aims to provide responsible and efficient solutions for brands to buy online media.

We use a variety of technologies to collect data in order to personalize advertisements to users based on their interests.

Similar to most marketing platforms, MediaMath uses cookies to identify different browsers and devices and collect the types of data described in Chapter 2 so that we and our platform can personalize your interests to provide more relevant advertisements to you, while measuring the impact of advertising and gaining greater insight into your digital media usage habits.

We may use platform technologies to identify a user’s computer or device and to ensure that the platform operates and serves more relevant advertisements. These technology types include:

  • Cookie is a small text file that uniquely identifies an Internet browser. In some cases, certain browsers or their settings may block cookies or cause them to fail.
  • Pixels – Pixels are transparent images, iFrames, JavaScript, or mobile SDKs that are used by us, our customers, and partners to understand how users interact with their digital properties.

Here are more details about MediaMath cookies:


Cookie Name

User ID
13 months
bot status
30 days
Exchange IDs and timestamps
30 days
5 years

MediaMath’s Privacy Policy: mediamath.com/privacy-policy

MediaMath’s Cookie Notice: mediamath.com/cookie-notice

MediaMath’s AdChoices & Opt-out Page: mediamath.com/ad-choices-opt-out

Opt-out locations

  • MediaMath’s Privacy Policy: mediamath.com/privacy-policy
  • MediaMath’s AdChoices & Opt-out Page: mediamath.com/ad-choices-opt-out
  • Network Advertising Initiative (NAI): optout.networkadvertising.org
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA): optout.aboutads.info
  • Digital Advertising Alliance Canada (DAAC): youradchoices.ca/en/tools
  • Digital Advertising Alliance EU (EDAA): youronlinechoices.com
  • Evidon by Crownpeak (fka Ghostery): evidon.com/resources/global-opt-out
  • TrustArc (fka TRUSTe): preferences-mgr.trustarc.com

Storage duration

Please click here for more information on the cookies we use and how long they last.

How we use the information we collect

We will only use your personal data as permitted by law. The most common situations include:

  • Where our legitimate interests (or those of a third party) require it, as long as your interests and fundamental rights are not overridden.
  • Where permitted by law, we have obtained your confirmation and consent to process your personal data. We will ask for your express consent before sending you third party direct marketing communications. You may withdraw your consent to marketing at any time by contacting us.

In addition to the above purposes, the information we collect (including your personal information) will also be used for the following legitimate interests and purposes (but not beyond your interests and fundamental rights):

  • Our services include but are not limited to the following functions: allowing you to easily share and publish user content, and follow other users’ shared content, etc.
  • If you have questions about any information on the website, we will communicate with you and respond promptly, as well as send you the latest updates and email newsletters to keep you informed.
  • Please support our service and help us troubleshoot.
  • Drive the development of our business and inform you about our business strategy.
  • Provide you with relevant information about your membership in our members-only area.

For our legitimate interests, we need to collect personal information and use this information to develop products and services, expand our business, study how users use our services, and formulate marketing strategies. The type and purpose of such information is necessary.

We will use non-personal information for analysis:

  • In order to better meet your needs and interests, we will conduct anonymous data analysis to improve and customize our services.
  • To test the Services in order to improve and optimize their functionality.

Sharing of Personal Information

Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, we will not trade, sell or otherwise share your personal information with third parties. Unless we need it for the other purposes listed above, we may transfer or disclose your personal information to other third parties as follows:

  • The company belongs to the same group as the chief financial officer.
  • The third-party companies mentioned above are used to analyze and evaluate website performance. This data is not personally identifiable and is associated with the IP address of a visitor from the European Economic Area (EEA), making it anonymous. External third parties may also include marketing service providers that enable us to communicate with you via email (such as sending our monthly newsletter).
  • Third Party means the acquisition, sale or merger of a company, business or its assets in connection with a potential buyer and/or seller or business reorganization.
  • Other third-party marketing service providers that may provide support for website performance.

In order to protect the security of your personal information and comply with legal requirements, we will ensure that all third parties take the necessary measures. We strictly prohibit third-party service providers from using your personal information for their own purposes, and only allow them to process your information in accordance with our instructions and specific purposes.

How to protect your personal information is an issue we take very seriously. We may disclose your personal information or any information you submit through the Services if we have a good faith belief that disclosure of such information is helpful or necessary to comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal process, or governmental requests: Information:

  • to investigate, detect, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activity, misconduct, suspicion of fraud, or safety concerns;
  • to establish or exercise our right to defend ourselves against legal claims;
  • to prevent us, our harm to the rights, property or safety of users, yourself or any third party;
  • cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Third party collection of information

Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party websites, services or applications, even if you access, download or otherwise use those third parties through our Services. Before providing personal information to these third parties, please be sure to read and review their privacy policies carefully.

You expressly and voluntarily assume the entire risk of using any third-party website, service or application.

How do we safeguard and transfer your information?

We pay great attention to the details of implementing and maintaining the security of the service and your information. We employ industry standard procedures and policies to keep user information secure and prevent any unauthorized use, including the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for this purpose.

  • Because we operate globally, it may be necessary to transfer your personal information to countries outside the European Union. The data protection and other laws of these countries may not be as comprehensive as those of the European Union. In these circumstances, we will take steps to ensure the same level of protection for your personal information. These measures include:
  • When we use certain service providers, we may choose to protect personal information under specific contracts approved by the European Commission to ensure the same level of security as in Europe.
  • We will only transfer your personal information to countries that the European Commission has determined provide an adequate level of data protection.
  • If we use service providers located in the United States, we may need to transfer data to them. If these service providers sign the Privacy Shield, we need to be aware that the Privacy Shield requires these service providers to provide similar protections for personal data shared between the US and Europe.

If you feel that we are not handling your privacy concerns in accordance with our policies, or that someone is attempting to abuse our services or behave in an inappropriate manner, please contact us directly at [email protected].

We have taken steps in response to our suspected breach of personal information and will report any breach to you and the relevant supervisory authority as required by law.

For how long do we retain the information we collect?

To ensure your privacy and control over your personal information, you may request changes and updates from us at any time by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also request correction or deletion of your personal information by emailing us (unless we are required by law to retain the data).

Please note that unless we receive instructions from you otherwise, we will retain your information in accordance with your retention policy requirements. Depending on the amount, nature and sensitivity of personal information, unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information may pose a potential risk of harm, we will consider the retention period of your personal information and the purpose for which we use your personal information, and will also Comply with other applicable legal requirements. It is our aim to correct, supplement or delete incomplete or inaccurate information as soon as it becomes aware of incorrect or inaccurate information.

In addition, you also have the following rights regarding personal information:

  • I would like to access your personal data.
  • Please modify your personal information.
  • Please provide your personal data for transfer.
  • Object to the processing of your personal data.
  • Please delete your personal data.
  • Please limit the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to revoke authorized consent.

According to Article 27 of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, Verasafe has been appointed as the data protection representative of in the European Union. In addition to the SvipCasino.COM team, you may also contact VeraSafe directly with inquiries regarding the processing of personal data only. If you have such needs, please use the following contact information to get in touch with VeraSafe:

Please contact the following URL to contact a Section 27 representative:Verasafe.com/privacy-services/contact-article-27-representative

You can also contact VeraSafe by:

The address is: Czech Republic, sro Klimentská 46, Prague 1, 11002, VeraSafe company of Czech Republic.

Ireland Vera Security Co., Ltd. is located on the 3rd floor, North Point Building, Unit D, North Point Business Park, New Marlow Road, Cork, Ireland, postcode: T23AT2P.

VeraSafe Netherlands BV is located at Keizersgracht 391A, Amsterdam, 1016EJ.

Corporate transaction

We may share personal information when our company enters into a business transaction (such as the sale of a substantial portion of our business, merger, sale or transfer of assets in operations, etc.). In such case, the purchasing company or recipient will assume the rights and responsibilities described in this Privacy Policy.

Data Security

To protect your personal data, we have put in place appropriate security measures to protect it from accidental loss, unauthorized use, access, alteration or disclosure. In addition, we limit access to your personal data to only those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties with a business need to do so. They will only process your personal data in accordance with our instructions and assume a duty of confidentiality.

We have established procedures to deal with any suspected personal data breaches and will report breaches to you and to any applicable supervisory authority where required by law.

Your Legal Rights

Your legal rights refer to the legal rights and protections you have as an individual or an organization. These rights include, but are not limited to, freedom of expression, privacy, property, personal safety, and more. According to the law, any person or organization must respect and protect your legal rights. If your legal rights have been violated, you have the right to pursue justice and redress through legal means.

Under certain circumstances, you have rights under data protection law relating to your personal data:

  • I would like to request access to your personal data.
  • Please provide accurate personal data for correction.
  • Please provide your personal data.
  • Object to the processing of your personal information.
  • Please delete your personal information.
  • Please restrict the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to withdraw consent.

If you have any rights you would like to exercise, please contact us.


You do not need to pay any fees to access personal data or exercise other rights. However, we may charge a reasonable fee if your requests are manifestly unfounded, repetitive or too frequent. Alternatively, we have the right to refuse to comply with your request in such circumstances.


In order to confirm your identity and ensure your right to access Personal Data (or exercise other rights), we may need to request certain information from you. This is to keep personal data secure and prevent it from being disclosed to unauthorized individuals. We may also communicate with you to request more information related to your request in order to respond to your needs more quickly.

Response Time

We endeavor to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. Occasionally, we may take longer if your request is very complex or if you have made multiple requests. In such event, we will promptly notify you and update you of the situation.


Our services are restricted to users aged 18 and over. If you are under the age of 18, please do not use our services or provide us with any personal information.

We reserve the right to access and verify all personal information we collect from you. If we become aware that any information has been shared by a user under the age of 18, we will immediately discard that information. If you have any reason to believe that a minor has shared any information with us, please contact us at [email protected].


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to revise this Privacy Policy at any time and post the most recent version on our website (please see the “Last Revision” heading).

Time Limit to Respond

In order to honor your rights, we aim to respond to all legal requests within one month. There is no fee to exercise your rights regarding the personal information we collect. However, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee and may refuse to honor your request if we consider the request to be excessively frequent, unfounded or repetitive. If the request is so complex that it takes longer than a month to respond, we will promptly notify you. We will do our best to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

How to contact us

If you need to contact us, you can do it in the following ways: send your questions or requests to our email address by email; call our contact number and communicate directly with our customer service staff; or go directly to our office address Face to face communication. No matter which method you choose to contact, we will get back to you and provide assistance as soon as possible.

For general questions about our services or the collection and use of your personal information, please contact us at [email protected]. For more information, please visit our contact page.