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Bet365: Get up to 70% bonus of $100,000 on winning sports betting bets

Bet365 offers players a 70% bonus on winning sports betting bets. The larger the deposit amount, the more generous the rewards. The maximum reward can reach US$100,000.
Bonus Code Svip Casino
Valid Until: Jun 11, 2026
*Only for Bet365 users
Available for all MMA competitions, as well as the world's top leagues in American football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. Winning parlay bets can be increased by up to 70% Action: If your bet wins, we will add a bonus of 5% - 70% to your winnings. The amount of the bonus depends on the number of options. Note: Bets placed using Bet Credits do not count towards this offer

Bet365 promotion rules

The top global league for all MMA, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Baseball. Successfully complete parlay bets to get up to 70% extra profit.

How to qualify for the offer:

Pre-game parlay bets can be made in the following leagues and games, selecting two or more options: Handicap, Game Totals, First Half Handicap, First Half Totals, Second Half Handicap (NFL and NBA), second half total points (NFL and NBA only), and runs scored in the first inning (applicable to MLB, Japan NPB and South Korea KBO). For MMA, you can choose from boxing win and boxing outcome markets.

  1. If your bet is successful, we will add an additional 5%-70% bonus to your winnings depending on the number of selections.
  2. The specific amount of the bonus will be determined based on the number of options.
  3. Your winnings have been converted into cash and added to your withdrawable balance.
  4. Offer excludes bets placed using credits.

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions for key points and details.

This added value applies to the following events:

  • Mixed Martial Arts – Any event
  • American Football – NFL
  • Basketball – NBA
  • Ice Hockey – NHL
  • Baseball – MLB
  • Basketball – EuroLeague
  • Basketball – European Cup
  • Basketball – Spanish ACB League
  • Basketball – Italian Serie A
  • Basketball – German Bundesliga
  • Basketball – France Pro A
  • Ice Hockey – Finland SM Liiga
  • Ice Hockey – Swedish Hockey League
  • Baseball – Japan NPB
  • Baseball – Korea KBO
  • Basketball – America’s Basketball Championship
  • Basketball – European Basketball Championship (Men and Women)
  • Basketball – Olympic Games (Men and Women)
  • Basketball – FIBA Americas Championship (Men)
  • Basketball – World Championship (Women’s)
  • Basketball – FIBA World Cup
  • Ice Hockey – World Championship (Men)
  • Ice Hockey – World Championship Div 1A (Men)
  • Ice Hockey – Olympic Games (Men)

Bonus Details

Bet Type
Double betting
5% bonus
Triple Bet
10% Bonus
4 strings of 1
15% bonus
5 strings 1
20% bonus
6 strings 1
25% bonus
7 strings 1
30% bonus
8 strings 1
35% bonus
9 strings 1
40% bonus
10 strings 1
45% bonus
11 strings 1
50% bonus
12 strings 1
55% bonus
13 strings 1
60% bonus
14 strings of 1 and above
70% bonus

Summary of important terms and rules

  • This offer is available to new and qualified customers only.
  • This bonus is available for parlay bets on two or more of the following pre-game handicap options in the four major sports leagues: NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL: point spread/run spread/handicap, game totals, over Half-time handicap, second-half handicap, first-half total points, second-half total points.
  • The maximum increase you can receive is £100,000, or its monetary equivalent.
  • If the multi-sport accumulator bonus only applies to multiple bets (e.g. a pre-set three-way bet), then the bonus will no longer apply.
  • This bonus will not apply if the bet has been made using the full “Close Bet” function. If a bet is placed using only part of the “Close Bet” function, the winnings will be calculated based on the remaining bet. This bonus is only applicable if all betting options are marked as winning and the ‘Close Bet’ function is used for a full refund.
  • If an eligible bet is edited using the “Edit Bet” function, the bonus will be calculated based on the new bet amount. If a bet is edited to include or amend options for an ongoing match/event, the offer will no longer apply.
  • Multi-sport parlay betting does not apply in the following circumstances: bets on extra lines, handicaps, and totals; bets made using Betting Credits; fixed-odds American multiple betting cards, handicap multiples Betting on betting cards, fixed odds handicap multiple betting cards; and combination bets with bonuses such as 4-in-15 and 5-in-31.

Full terms and rules

Eligibility requirements

  1. This offer is available to new and qualified customers only. You can log in to the webpage using your mobile device or desktop computer and go to the “Offers” section to view all the offers available to you. bet365 retains a record of contact from customers who are eligible for the offer; in the event of any dispute, this record (including the date and time any restrictions were imposed) will become final.
  2. The bonus is applicable to pre-game parlay winnings on two or more events in the four major sports leagues NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL. Available markets include point spread, base spread, point spread, game total, first half handicap, second half handicap, first half total and second half total.
  3. If any bet is postponed, voided or results in a draw, the bonus will still be valid but the proportion of the bonus will be adjusted based on the actual number of winning selections. For example, on an 8-in-1 parlay, if 7 bets win and one bet is a draw, then the winnings will be settled at 30% of the 7-in-1 payout.
  4. Your winnings will be added to your account within 24 hours of the end of your betting selection.


  • This value-added offer does not apply to bets placed on preseason games, scrimmages or All-Star games in any qualifying game.
  • This bonus will not apply to bets on which the ‘Close Bet’ function has been used. If a bet has been partially made using the ‘Close Bet’ function, the winnings will be calculated based on the remaining bet. This bonus will only apply if all selections in the bet have been marked as winning and the ‘Close Bet’ function has been used for a full refund.
  • If a qualifying bet is modified using the ‘Edit Bet’ function, the bonus will be calculated based on the new bet amount. If a bet is edited to add or modify selections for an ongoing match or event, the offer will no longer be valid.
  • Maximum appreciation is £100,000 or currency equivalent*. Multi-sport parlay bonuses do not apply to extra line, handicap and total bets. It also does not apply to bets made using Bet Credits, fixed odds American parlay cards (ParlayCards), teasers and fixed odds handicap cards (FixedTeasers). At the same time, it does not apply to combination bets with bonuses such as 4 in a row of 15 (Lucky15) and 5 in a row of 31 (Lucky31).
  • If a multisport accumulator is applied to a multiple bet (e.g. a pre-set three-way bet), the multisport accumulator will no longer be used.
  • Once all parlay bet results have been confirmed, any added value will be added to the payout. If a parlay bet is a loss but settles as a win under the early payout offer, no added value will apply.

General rules

  • These Terms and Rules should be read together.
  • Whether as an individual or as part of a team, if a breach of the terms of an offer or promotion occurs or there is evidence that a series of bets placed by an individual customer or a group of customers were the result of extra payouts, free bets, betting credits or other As long as any promotional offer, regardless of the outcome, results in the customer making a guaranteed profit, bet365 may reclaim any additional payouts, free bets, refunds or bet credits from those relevant offers, while canceling any use of free bets or bet credits. Gold bets. In addition, if there is evidence of such conduct, bet365 may charge the customer a fee (up to a maximum amount equal to the amount of Bet Credits, Free Bets, Refunds or Additional Payments) to cover the costs of detecting the conduct and taking action against it. Administrative expenses incurred due to measures.
  • You can recover bonus amounts, free bets, bet credits, rebates or extra payments that were added in error on bet365.
  • bet365 may fine-tune this offer at any time to correct errors or improve the clarity of expression and to improve the customer experience. In addition, bet365 may cancel this offer at any time as required by law or regulation.
  • Persons prohibited from participating in this activity include employees, officers and managers of bet365, as well as relevant promotional agents, licensors and licensees, service providers and other related personnel or partners. This provision also applies to the immediate family members of the above mentioned persons.

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