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Big Win Baccarat

Big Win Baccarat

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Big Win Baccarat Summary

Big Win Baccarat is Real Money Baccarat Game released by iSoftBet on May 05th,2020 with an official RTP of 98.94%. You can play the Big Win Baccarat demo Baccarat game for free on all devices, and you can also place real money Baccarat bets in all regions of the world on the Svip Casino website, ranging from 0.1 to 100, and have a chance to win up to x11 times your stake Huge bonuses for real money.

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Details for Big Win Baccarat

Game Name: Big Win Baccarat
Software: iSoftBet
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A
Columns: N/A
Free spins: No
Autoplay: No
Multiplier: No
Min Bet: 0.1
Max Bet: 100
Maximum Win: x11
Release Date: 2020-05-05

Details for Big Win Baccarat

Game Name Big Win Baccarat
Software: iSoftBet
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A

Introduction of Big Win Baccarat

Big Win Baccarat shows us that RNG-powered table games can still compete with live dealer games. Featuring beautiful animations and eye-pleasing visuals, this gaming desk exemplifies the high expectations we have come to expect from iSoftBet.

If you choose to bet on the banker, the return rate in the Big Win Baccarat game is 98.94%. Other betting options available will have different payback rates but lower returns. This baccarat game uses six decks of cards, with a total of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled before each round, so trying to count the cards won’t work.

In addition to its impressive ease of development, Big Win Baccarat is unique in several other ways:

  1. Unique graphic design;
  2. There are many practical functions;
  3. Provide game training for new users and add menu options.
  4. Experiment with the possibilities of gaming, with the help of virtual tools.


How to play Big Win Baccarat

Big Win Baccarat is a popular gambling game, here is a simple guide on how to play this game:

  1. Before you start playing, make sure you have enough funds to place your bet. Big Win Baccarat requires betting between Player, Banker or Tie.
  2. When the game starts, the banker and player will each be dealt two cards. The side with the card number closest to 9 wins. Flower cards and 10s are counted as 0 points, and other cards are calculated according to their face value.
  3. If the total number of cards of the banker or player is 8 or 9, which is called “natural”, the winner will be announced immediately and no more cards will be dealt.
  4. If neither the banker nor the player is “natural”, the cards will continue to be dealt according to specific rules. For example, if the banker or player’s total number of cards is 6 or 7, no more cards will be dealt.
  5. If the total number of cards of the banker or player is less than or equal to 5 points, the cards will continue to be dealt according to specific rules. The dealer decides whether to continue dealing cards based on his own cards and the player’s third card.
  6. The game continues until the total number of cards of the banker or player approaches 9 points. The side closest to 9 points will win and win the corresponding bet amount.

When playing Big Win Baccarat, it is recommended to understand the rules and strategies of the game and make bets based on your actual situation. Try to stay calm and rational, don’t be greedy, and control your gambling behavior. At the same time, remember not to view gambling as a way to make money, but to enjoy it as an entertainment activity.

At the beginning of each round, Big Win Baccarat will remind players to place their bets. You can choose to place any side bet without having to place any main bet. Select one of the available coin values and place it on the bet you want to place. Because this is a virtual baccarat game, there is no time limit to prompt your decision-making. Please feel free to take some time to place your bets. When you are ready, click the Trade button to continue the game.

At the start of the game, both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards. If necessary, both parties can choose to draw a third card. If the total points of both sides’ cards reaches nine points, both sides win. If both sides’ cards do not reach nine points, the side with the points closest to nine wins. If the value of the card in your hand exceeds 10, only the single digits of the number will be retained. For example, if the total number of points in a hand is 14, then only 4 points will be calculated.

After all the cards have been dealt, compare the two hands. The side closest to nine will be the winner. That is, if either side gets eight or nine directly, that side will win immediately.

The steps are simple:

Select the chip denomination. If you want to bet $25, click on the chip with a face value of 25.

Just click on the selected betting family on the screen. If you want to bet on the player, just click on the player square.

The above two steps apply to betting on ties, player pairs or banker pairs.

Once the bet is placed, the options to “Cancel” and “Deal” will appear on the screen.

If you don’t want to change, click “Deal”. If you need to modify the bet amount, please click “Cancel”.

The system will automatically deal the cards, and if the player wins the game, the system will automatically pay the corresponding amount.

Extra features

Below the main playing field, players can view statistics from previous rounds. With this data, we can track how often each bet occurs. This is good news for players looking to follow trends or understand how they’re doing.

In the Big Win Baccarat game, players can make three different side bets, including pairs, player pairs and banker pairs. All three cards will be paid out when any of the first two cards match. If the player or banker has a pair, any bets placed by the opposing side will suffer a loss. The game has a reward ratio of 5:1 and an RTP of 85.46%.

When the player and banker both draw a pair on their first two cards, they pay each other. That is, if the banker has a pair of cards, the player does not need to pay, and vice versa. When winning, the odds are 11 to 1 for both player and banker. Their returns are the same, 88.75%.


Generally speaking, the rewards available for standard bets are not that exciting. If the player wins, the odds are 1:1, and if the banker wins, the odds are 0.95:1. Because banker bets have a slight advantage, the developers take a 5% commission from all winning bets made by the banker. Despite the presence of commissions, the Banker bet is still the highest average return to pay (RTP) bet option you can choose. The Banker’s RTP is 98.94%, while the Player’s RTP is 98.76%.

The last type of bet with the most value in the game is a draw. A tie bet will only win if the player and banker have the same value after the third card is drawn. If successful, the odds of a draw are 8:1. However, we do not recommend playing this type of bet as it gives the casino a high stakes advantage. The return rate for tie bets is 85.56%, which is only slightly higher than any pair side bet.


When we first tried Big Win Baccarat, we weren’t impressed. But as time went on, we became more and more interested in the game. It offers a variety of side bets, as well as detailed statistics to make the game more interesting. Whether you just play with the main bet or try to do crazy things with the side bets, it’s a lot of fun. We salute iSoftBet for doing such a great job!


Can I play the Big Win Baccarat free slot?

Yes, Svip Casino is the place to test Big Win Baccarat, no registration is required, no cash required to invest to experience the game and all its special features, any casino website that partners with iSoftBet will also offer a free demo mode.

Who made Big Win Baccarat?

“Big Win Baccarat” is produced by iSoftBet, a world-renowned game provider.

Can I win real money on the Big Win Baccarat slot?

Yes, you can read our recommendations for the “Big Win Baccarat” game related to real money online gambling sites, an account registered with the casino operator will be the only option to enjoy real money Big Win Baccarat and win real winnings.

What is the RTP for Big Win Baccarat?

The official default RTP setting of Big Win Baccarat is 98.94%; we think it is a good return for players.

Where is the best place to play Big Win Baccarat?

When it comes to free games, any trustworthy gambling operator or casino related website such as SvipCasino.Com will do.

Can I play Big Win Baccarat on my phone?

Yes, Big Win Baccarat is available for all devices. You can play for free on devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad, and computers at any time. Sign up to a mobile casino recommended to you by Svip Casino to enjoy all the exciting features and the chance to win bonuses up to 11x your stake.

What is Big Win Baccarat’s biggest win?

The maximum spin on Big Win Baccarat can win 11 times your total stake. This means that if you bet $100, the maximum win on Gates of Olympus is $1200.

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