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88 Bingo 88

88 Bingo 88

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.
New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% bonus on your first deposit up to €/$/£200 Unless otherwise stated. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your website.com account and you will receive this bonus instantly!
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88 Bingo 88 Summary

88 Bingo 88 is Real Money Bingo Game released by Belatra Games on February 18th,2019 with an official RTP of 94%. You can play the 88 Bingo 88 demo Bingo game for free on all devices, and you can also place real money Bingo bets in all regions of the world on the Svip Casino website, ranging from N/A to N/A, and have a chance to win up to x1500 times your stake Huge bonuses for real money.

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Details for 88 Bingo 88

Game Name: 88 Bingo 88
Software: Belatra Games
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A
Columns: N/A
Features: ,,
Free spins: No
Autoplay: No
Multiplier: No
Min Bet: N/A
Max Bet: N/A
Maximum Win: x1500
Release Date: 2019-02-18

Details for 88 Bingo 88

Game Name 88 Bingo 88
Software: Belatra Games
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A

88 BINGO 88 Introduction

88 BINGO 88 is an online gambling platform that offers a variety of gambling games, including high-quality slot machines, baccarat, roulette, and more. The platform features a thrilling and exciting gaming experience, providing players with endless entertainment and opportunities to earn high bonuses. 88 BINGO 88 conducts transactions in a safe and secure manner and provides 24/7 customer support to ensure that players’ gaming experience is perfect. The platform also provides a variety of rich preferential activities, allowing players to enjoy more gaming fun and rewards. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced player, 88 BINGO 88 is your best betting partner.

Online bingo is becoming increasingly popular among online casino players. Its intuitive interface, simple rules and unique game concept are all different from traditional online slots. What else does this game need to win over more casino users? Maybe, a creative design can make it more outstanding!

The new game “88 BINGO 88” launched by BELATRA perfectly combines spectacular Chinese style with simple game principles. This stylish and colorful game is in the classic tradition of online bingo: no reels, just balls and numbers!

88 BINGO 88 has always been part of the BELATRA game and has been translated into 11 world languages to ensure that anyone on the planet can come and play! In addition, it also has a super grand prize called “Wheel of Fortune”. As soon as you decide to play bingo online for free and without registration, you have a great chance of winning this big prize!

Game Rules

The rules of the new game are very simple and straightforward. When the “Start” button is pressed, the random number generator starts and generates 30 balls with numbers for the player. The numbers on each ball are unique and will not appear twice in the same game. On the virtual game table, 4 cards with numbers are placed in front of the player. If the number on the ball matches the number on any card or cards, then the ball is marked dark. If the falling numbers form a winning combination, their background appears in red, while yellow indicates that the numbers required for the winning combination are missing. All winning combinations are displayed at the top of the screen. After the main game, players may be asked to purchase additional balls by following the instructions shown on the screen and paying the appropriate fee. In addition, players also have the opportunity to buy any number of balls, but the limit is 14, or they can choose not to buy balls and receive corresponding bonuses. Sometimes, players are given a magic ball, which means the player can choose any number to form a winning combination. Players can decide the number of cards placed on the playing field, ranging from 1 to 4. If you want to close a card, just click on the “cross” icon in the upper right corner. The higher the number of cards, the higher the stakes and the chance of winning will increase accordingly!


Please note that you will not find any free 88 BINGO 88 spins. However, 88 BINGO 88 offers a bonus feature. When the normal game is over and all 30 balls have been drawn, players have the opportunity to purchase additional balls for a fee. Please note that this is an optional game. You can activate up to 14 additional balls.

To enable the bonus feature, you simply click on the “Next Ball” button. You can stop the addition of new balls at any time. In some cases, the magic ball may appear as an extra ball. This way, players can select any ball they missed previously. The game helps you make the right choice by suggesting some possible winning number combinations.
Remember, when players get the best combo, they trigger a special booster. On the home screen, they will see a Chinese amulet. This amulet will reveal a victory multiplier worth 2 to 5 times the value of your victory.

“Wheel of Fortune”

“Wheel of Fortune” is a game uniquely developed by BELATRA GAMES. The game rewards each player with additional winning possibilities. Just play your favorite slot machine and accumulate JP points every time you spin the reels. The higher the stake and face value, the more points awarded per spin. When the accumulation reaches 2,000 points, you will automatically receive the second phase of the cumulative bonus. On the first wheel of fortune, the main prize will transition to the grand wheel, in which the main prize, the jackpot, will be drawn. And a key feature of the Wheel of Fortune bonuses is win-win! In addition to major wins, you also have the opportunity to earn additional JP points or multiply your points by those from the next game.

RTP (return rate) and volatility

The return to player rate for online bingo games is usually slightly lower compared to online slots. 88Bingo88’s return rate is higher than the average percentage for modern online bingo games, reaching 94%. It is a medium volatility game that usually results in frequent valuable wins.

How to Play 88 Bingo 88 Slot Machine

Even if you are a first-time player of 88 BINGO 88, you can learn how to play in just a few seconds. There is an eye-catching green “Start” button in the lower right corner of the game interface. Clicking it can help you start the lottery and check whether you have won. The game will provide 30 colored balls with numbers, and you can use up to four cards with numbers to play the game. The basic goal is to match the numbers shown on the balls with the numbers on your card. If all four of your cards match correctly, you can bet anywhere from $4 to $200. The price to purchase each card ranges from $1 to $50.

You also have the option of using the pink auto-play button, allowing you to play auto-play however you want. Players can click the green “Maximum Bet” button to place the maximum bet for this game. Click the pink button with three white lines to get more information about gameplay or to modify other settings of the game, such as language or sound effects.

How to win money at 88 Bingo 88

If you want to win money at 88 BINGO 88, there are some methods you can try. First, you can familiarize yourself with the game rules and strategies to increase your chances of winning. Secondly, you can arrange your funds reasonably to ensure that you have sufficient financial support during the game. In addition, you can choose to participate in some games with higher odds to increase your chances of winning. Finally, remember to stay calm and rational, don’t be too impulsive and greedy, and control your gaming time and investment, so that you can better win money at 88 BINGO 88.

In the game 88 BINGO 88, experienced players will try many different strategies to win. Unfortunately, however, there is no perfect formula for success. This is why there are dozens of different tactics and strategies known today. Among them, Martingale strategy is very popular. It is most commonly used for playing roulette, but is not prohibited from being used when playing the Belatra slot machine. All you need to do is increase your bet after each loss to reach a positive level when you win.

Symbols and payouts

As mentioned before, 88 BINGO 88 Bingo game has a total of 60 symbols, which are balls with numbers from 1 to 60. Each lottery ticket has three lines. Each row has five different cells, each with a number. Simply put, each lottery ticket contains 15 numbers.

Directly above the cards, players can see all the winning combinations that can be formed and the investment required. There are 12 winning combinations to choose from, including one and two rows of matching numbers. A bet on a row of cards will be rewarded 3x, while a bet on two rows of cards will be returned 100x. Additionally, you can get 8x your bet back by covering the first and last rows of numbers. As long as you can correctly hit all the numbers on a single card, you can get the highest reward worth 750 times. In addition, when hitting this combination, players also have the opportunity to obtain additional rewards, which will be detailed in the next section.


If you are looking for a fun and rewarding classic bingo game, then choose 88 BINGO 88, guaranteed to satisfy you.

Winning Tip: Be careful when using the Extra Balls feature as the price of each extra ball increases significantly, potentially causing your losses to exceed your winnings. After analyzing your ticket, decide for yourself whether it is worth drawing another ball.

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