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Gem Roulette

Gem Roulette

Try the 100% free Gem Roulette game in demo mode, play the demo roulette game without real money and once you get the hang of it you can play at top recommended online casinos instantly and claim your generous welcome bonus!

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Gem Roulette Summary

Gem Roulette is Real Money Roulette Game released by iSoftBet on May 01th,2021 with an official RTP of 97.37%. You can play the Gem Roulette demo Roulette game for free on all devices, and you can also place real money Roulette bets in all regions of the world on the Svip Casino website, ranging from 0.1 to 10, and have a chance to win up to x200 times your stake Huge bonuses for real money.

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Details for Gem Roulette

Game Name: Gem Roulette
Software: iSoftBet
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A
Columns: N/A
Features: ,,,
Free spins: No
Autoplay: Yes
Multiplier: No
Min Bet: 0.1
Max Bet: 10
Maximum Win: x200
Release Date: 2021-05-01

Details for Gem Roulette

Game Name Gem Roulette
Software: iSoftBet
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A

Gem Roulette Reviews

Gem Roulette is a royal game in any casino. There is no doubt that roulette is one of the most popular casino games. This game relies entirely on luck and can provide players with a maximum profit distribution of 35:1. There are 37 betting numbers on the playing field, distributed in 3 rows of 12 squares, from 1 to 36, of which 18 are red and 18 are black. As long as you place your chips on the appropriate units, luck will be on your side.

Roulette is the most popular table game in many places, compared to other games that do not use cards. The game has a long history, and its popularity hasn’t changed much over the decades. This shows that it’s steadily popular, but it also means that it lacks innovation and may be boring to some players.


Interface and options

If you are familiar with the game of roulette, then you may be wondering what is unique about it. Here we’ll cover some aspects of the interface and options. This will help players understand where everything is in the game before starting.

There is a golden star symbol in the lower left corner of the screen and this is my favorite bet. When you click on this button, you will be taken to an easy-to-understand interface where you can save your favorite bets.

Below the aforementioned “Save Bet” button, there is a gray and smaller button that looks like a chart. Click this button to display detailed data for the past 500 spins. This includes the number of spins since the last bonus and the distribution of red/black, even/odd and high/low numbers.

The upper left corner is the center of your interface, which displays recent call records and up to eight numbers. The numbers are arranged in chronological order, with the newest appearing on the far right.
Popular Numbers – In the upper right you will find another set of numbers. However, these are the numbers that have appeared most frequently over the past 500 spins.

You can find additional options in settings. However, it is important to stress that iSoftBet wants you to have access to all the information you may need. This is good news for players who like to speculate on gaming trends.

How to play Gem Roulette?

Notice the button on the right, it’s called the “Spin” button. However, the button will remain inactive until you place a bet at least once. As can be expected, there are a number of different bets you can place on this game. You can play with casino chips of different values, such as €0.1, €0.5, €1, €5 or €10. Each player can use these chips to create various combinations of different values.

If you want to know more about the game rules and payouts, click the menu button in the lower left corner of the screen. Next to the menu button, there is a speaker icon that controls the volume. The Statistics button displays game statistics, while the Save Bet button allows you to save specific bets for later use. Additionally, there are other buttons that help you undo your previous action, double your bet, or clear your bet.

Gem Roulette Game Programs and Payouts

The rules of this game are very simple. There are some differences from other traditional roulette games. To explain it better, allow us to show you how this game works in detail to avoid any confusion.

How betting rounds work

The easiest way to explain how this game works is by demonstrating an example betting round.

  • Please place your bet first. To do this, select the chip size from the bottom left corner and place them on the board on the right.
  • Additionally, to make it easier to see the specific bets you have placed, the grid will highlight the bet locations.
  • After placing your bet, you can select the spin button in the lower right corner.
  • Please note that you have the option to delete your recent bets by clicking on the “Undo” button. In addition, if you want to clear all bets at once, you can click the “Clear” button, which is faster than clearing manually. If you wish to double the amount of all your bets, you can click the “Double” button until you reach the table maximum shown in the upper right corner.
  • From here, the dial on the left will spin, simulating the spin and bounce of the ball. Winning bets on the right-hand board depend on the number produced as a result of the spin. Next, we will discuss the specific betting options that are and are not available.
  • Depending on your bet type, your winnings may vary if you win. However, we will list the odds and winning odds for various bets below.

In this game, betting rounds don’t take long. This means you can come in, play a few games, and leave quickly. However, you can also slow down and play at your own pace. This is a big advantage of the game compared to the live dealer version which has a similar ruleset.

Outside betting

If you are a beginner, the easiest way is to make outside bets. The so-called outside betting refers to betting in areas outside the roulette grid. You can see these betting areas to the right and below the roulette grid.

First, we’re going to start with the equal-amount option in the list:

  • Red and Black
    • If the number is red or black, you win.
  • Even and Odd
    • The winner will be determined from two betting options, including even (2,4,6…) and odd (1,3,5…).
  • First half and second half
    • The bottom corner area is divided into the first half and the second half, displaying the betting options of 1-18 and 19-36 respectively. If the number you choose falls within this range (including boundary numbers), you will receive the corresponding compensation.

Each of the above is paid at a 1:1 ratio. However, the following bet has odds of 2:1:

  • Column Betting
    • On the right side of the grid there are three squares marked “2:1”. These squares are used for column bets, where players determine the winner based on which row the numbers are in.
  • The third bet
    • is divided into three ranges: the first range of the “12” bet is 1-12, the second range is 13-24, and the third range is 25-36. Similar to the first and second half, as long as your numbers fall within these ranges, you win.

We need to stress that no inside bet on gold space is going to win. All of the above insider bets will fail on any one golden point.

Insider Betting

This game has fewer options for inside betting than other types of roulette. This is because gem bets take up some of that. We’ll look at how this bet works in more detail. However, here is a brief overview of the inside bets available.

  • Straight-up
    • A bet placed on a single number by placing the chip in the center of the number. If you win the match on your best non-gem bet, you will win at a ratio of 35:1.
  • Split
    • A split bet is a bet placed on two numbers that are adjacent (horizontally or vertically). The odds of this bet are 17 to 1.
  • Street
    • In roulette, the street is the three numbers on a vertical line. You need to place your chip in the middle of the line to bet on these three numbers. If one of them hits the jackpot, you will win with odds of 11:1.
  • Corner
    • Four numbers that intersect at the corner points can be bet together. Plus, if you win, you get 8 to 1 odds.
  • Six Line/Double Street
    • You pick two adjacent streets and bet six numbers at their intersection. Just place your chips in the center corner where they meet and you’re ready to place your bet. The odds of this bet are 5 to 1.

Inside betting has several different volatility levels that also allow for different levels of payouts.

Gem Bets

Gem Bets are a unique feature designed specifically for the Gem Roulette game and are not available in other games. To place this bet, you need to increase the value of your currently selected chips by five times. Next, your win will vary depending on which of the two gem symbols you choose hits.

When you get the ruby symbol, you will be randomly awarded between 10 and 500 chips, which equates to a payout ratio between 2:1 and 100:1. However, when the diamond symbol is obtained, the maximum is doubled, and between 10 and 1,000 credits can be obtained, with payouts ranging from 2:1 to 200:1. These higher payout ratios are some of the best you will find on any roulette game.

Best Gem Roulette Bonus Features

There’s no doubt that Gem bets make things more interesting here. Rather, they can trigger special Gem Roulette bonus features. Whenever you make a gem bet, you will invest 5 chips of your chosen denomination and cover the diamond and ruby positions on the wheel. Once you have bet five chips of the same denomination, you are free to use additional bets of other denominations, or continue using chips of the same denomination.

The Gem Roulette bonus feature will be triggered when you hit a Diamond or Ruby location. The latter activates the bonus wheel – Ruby Bonus, and gives away between 10 and 500 chips as a reward. Then, when you reach the diamond position, we activate the bonus wheel – Diamond Rewards. This will net you prizes worth between 10 and 1000 chips. Remember, the chip value on the Bonus Wheel is equal to the total bet on the Gem Bet divided by 5. So with the help of this you can get a victory from 2 to 1 to 200 to 1.

There are no Gem Roulette free spins or any other extra bonuses in this game.

How to Win at Gem Roulette Bet

Typically, the mechanics of most games are similar to Double Zero Roulette style. Therefore, their payout rates are no higher than traditional single-zero games. Gem bets are different and will have corresponding returns. This means that if you are not planning on betting gems, you can find better roulette bets at French or European tables as they have similar rules of the game.

Finally, it must be remembered that Gem Roulette betting is a game of pure luck. Regardless of the strategy used, it is impossible to predict the exact location of the gems on the roulette wheel. Therefore, when participating in games, you must remain rational and cautious, and enjoy the fun of the game itself, rather than just focusing on profits.

RTP and volatility

The RTP values of two Gem Roulette are provided here. With standard betting, your expected RTP is 94.74%. The RTP of Gem Bet is 97.37%. There is no information about the volatility of the game.

In conclusion

We really appreciate the unique features of iSoftBet’s Gem Roulette table. If you try their special gem bet, you’ll find that the odds are pretty impressive. However, if you are not interested, you can also try different single zero games.

Regardless, the demo is fantastic and definitely on par with the best non-live dealer games we’ve seen. iSoftBet is known for making beautiful games, so we’re not surprised, but this game is definitely a breath of fresh air in the entire genre.

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