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Aztec Gems

Aztec Gems

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Aztec Gems Summary

Aztec Gems is Real Money Slots Game released by Pragmatic Play on March 15th,2018 with an official RTP of 96.52%. You can play the Aztec Gems demo Slots game for free on all devices, and you can also place real money Slots bets in all regions of the world on the Svip Casino website, ranging from 0.05 to 25, and have a chance to win up to x375 times your stake Huge bonuses for real money.

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Details for Aztec Gems

Game Name: Aztec Gems
Software: Pragmatic Play
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: 5
Columns: 3
Features: ,,,,,,,
Free spins: No
Autoplay: Yes
Multiplier: No
Min Bet: 0.05
Max Bet: 25
Maximum Win: x375
Release Date: 2018-03-15

Details for Aztec Gems

Game Name Aztec Gems
Software: Pragmatic Play
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: 5

Aztec Gems slot machine overview

Aztec Gems is an online slot game launched by Pragmatic Play that takes us deep into the jungle in search of lost treasures. Around the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors destroyed much of the Aztec civilization, causing much of its history and treasures to disappear. The Aztec capital Tenochtitlan was conquered and destroyed, and the Spanish later built Mexico City on the ruins. Today, a small part of Mexico City’s old town still remains as a World Heritage Site, witnessing this history.

In the game “Aztec Gems” we have to search for long-lost wealth, collect gems as payment tokens, and the mysterious symbol of the golden Aztec sun stone. In addition to the wild symbols, we can also mention a special feature: the fourth reel, which is a specific reel that offers multipliers from 1x to 15x, giving players the chance to win up to 375x their stake. Although being an older game, it may lack some exciting elements. We have a game with a classic theme, and even though it has a common theme, that doesn’t mean it’s a boring theme.

Aztec Gems is a slot game developed by Pragmatic Play that features 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. The minimum bet is 0.05 and the maximum bet is 100. The game’s default RTP is 96.52%, but operators can choose another version with a lower RTP (94.52%). Aztec Gems offers moderate volatility and the maximum win multiplier is 375x your stake.

Aztec Gems is a simple and fun Aztec-themed game where players can enjoy exciting victories. The Aztec Gems in the game include wild symbols and multiplier wheels.

Aztec Gems graphics, sounds and animations

The music uses drums and bird calls to set the tone of a grand epic story, making players feel tense and exciting.

The animation of gemstones is captivating with its bright colors and deep sparkle. They are like charming candies on a scroll and come in many varieties.

Each symbol is decorated with a gold border and Aztec carvings to highlight the beauty of its theme.

Scroll looked back and saw a dark jungle with leaves swaying gently in the breeze. A gentle glow fills the air, evoking a magical atmosphere like fireflies. However, with the reels placed front and center, players need to remain curious about the true nature of this exotic environment.


AZTEC GEMS Slot Specs: RTP, Volatility, Max Wins

The Aztec Gems game uses a vivid 3-axis layout and provides 5 pay lines, allowing players to have multiple ways to win. This dynamic slot offers players a simple yet exciting journey through a world filled with jewels, creating an atmosphere where every spin could result in a dramatic win.

Among the mystery-themed slots, Aztec Gems bears some similarities to Thunderkick’s Turning Totems. Both slots immerse players in the local environment, but the difference is that Aztec Gems offers a traditional reel gaming experience, while Turning Totems introduces innovative 5 reel and 11 payline features, as well as Expanded winning system and bonus wheel. This design is not the same as Pragmatic Play’s gem slot machines.


Aztec Gems has an RTP of 96.52%, making it a beacon of fairness in the online slot world. This ratio showcases the game’s attractive design appeal while also ensuring competitive reward opportunities for players, positioning Aztec Gems as an attractive choice for entertainment and reward gaming.


The gaming experience of Aztec Gems is average in terms of volatility. This balanced approach, which balances frequent small wins with rarer yet more substantial rewards, caters to a variety of slot enthusiasts, from those who enjoy consistent play to thrill-seekers craving big wins .

Greatest victory

Aztec Gems game allows players the chance to win up to 375 times their stake. This means that each spin can turn a €1 bet into a win of a dizzying €375. This slot machine is relatively attractive for players who want great rewards but don’t want to take the higher risk of betting.

Bet size

Testing on our site has shown that the bet range per spin is as low as $0.05 USD/GBP/EUR and as high as $25 USD/GBP/EUR.

How to play Aztec Gems slot game?

You can place bets by setting the bet range from 0.05 to 25 points. You can choose to auto-spin up to 100 times before you start spinning the reels.

Autoplay has a variety of advanced features that put you in control of the results of your spins. You can set win caps, loss caps, and more.

There are colorful gems on the reels, but the actual profits may not be as amazing as they appear. The game states that rewards are only awarded when three identical symbols are matched on the reels.

The best-case scenario is that you will be paid four times your stake when you match the most profitable symbols on the spinning reels. The minimum payment is 0.36 times the principal.

All symbols settle on the reels from left to right according to the selected payline, with only the highest winnings being settled per line.

Exciting features of Aztec Gems slot explained

Aztec Gems stand out for their unique appeal and enhanced player potential to win. From outstanding symbols to exciting new gameplay elements, every spin in Aztec Gems is an opportunity full of surprises.

We’ll take a deep dive into Aztec Gems and explore the unique features players may find during gameplay, such as graphical symbols, bonuses, and other mechanics that make this game stand out.

Special symbols

Aztec Gems is famous for its wild symbol, which represents the God of Eternity, and can be used to form winning combinations with other symbols to increase your chances of winning. There are no scatter or bonus symbols in the game, the focus is on wilds and multiplier reels.

Multiplier reel

Aztec Gems has a unique feature, which is a multiplier reel, unlike many traditional slot machines. This reel is in the fourth position, independent of the main 3×3 grid. After each spin, it can apply a multiplier from 1x to 15x to any winning combination on the main reels. This feature greatly increases the possibility of winning higher prizes, providing an extra thrill.

The effect is most significant when high value symbols line up with the multiplier reels. For example, if the entire row is filled with mask symbols, coupled with a 15x multiplier, it may bring significant compensation. There is no progressive jackpot, but this feature ensures high returns even on ordinary spins.

Extra bonus features

Although Aztec Gems doesn’t have a standalone bonus wheel or free spins feature like many other slots, the multiplier reels play a role in providing ongoing rewards throughout the game. The game lacks obvious gambling features, allowing players to focus on the main reels and multiplier reels, presenting a simpler gameplay.

Retrigger mechanism

Because Aztec Gems doesn’t have traditional free spins, the respark mechanism doesn’t apply. However, consistent multiplier reels increase winning potential on every spin.

Unique game features

The Aztec Gems game has a special two-way winning feature that allows players to form winning combinations from left to right or right to left, increasing the fun and chances of winning big prizes. Combined with the multiplier roll, every spin has the potential for surprising, thrilling wins.

Bonus purchase feature

The “Aztec Gems” game does not have any purchase bonus features and insists on keeping the gameplay simple and easy to understand. Players can experience unique game modes without paying, retaining the classic and fun characteristics of slot machine games.

Learn about the paytable and game information before playing Aztec Gems

Diving into Aztec Gems’ paytable and game details is a must for any slots fan looking to spice up their game and make their game more strategic. Knowing this information can help players understand the intricacies of winning combinations and anticipate potential opportunities for excitement on each spin.

Proficient in the rules and environment of “Aztec Gems” is not only familiar with the game, but also the key to seizing a strategic advantage. A deep understanding of game mechanics helps create a rich and dynamic experience, solidifying the player’s ability to take control of the game for maximum fun and success.

Decoding the odds table

The Aztec Gems paytable contains a variety of gem symbols, each with its own value. Simply land three of the same symbols on a payline to win, with the golden totem replacing all other symbols. Special boost multiplier reels may enhance base wins, multiplying the original value by up to 15x.

Learn more about game features

Aztec Gems appeals to a variety of players with its minimalist design, which is also reflected in the game’s features. Multiplier reels are an important strategy element that directly affects the paytable and win value. Understanding the chances of receiving multipliers can help with betting strategies and enhance players’ ability to hunt for treasure while exploring the Aztec jungle.

Aztec Gems Slot Conclusion

Aztec Gems captivates players with its compelling theme, taking them deep into the heart of the mysterious Aztec jungle. The game features a colorful color scheme, dominated by vibrant tones of green, gold, and gemstones, creating an alluring, exotic feel. This, combined with the brooding drum melody, enhances the exploration atmosphere of the game, immersing players in a rewarding exploration of ancient riches.

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The Aztec Gems game is set against the backdrop of golden scrolls, which are inlaid with symbols in various gem colors, ranging from emerald green to ruby tones. Intricate totems and lustrous gemstones blend with lush tropical foliage to create an atmosphere of lost treasure waiting to be discovered. The gentle sounds of hummingbirds and leaves add the perfect backdrop to the visual experience, immersing players in Aztec culture and mystery.

Potential biggest win

Every spin of Aztec Gems carries the potential for maximum wins. When players successfully collect the top bonus symbols on a roll, they stand a chance to win the jackpot and get the maximum multiplier on the fourth roll. With the chance of a 375x multiplier and generous rewards similar to high-volatility slot machines, it is an attractive option for players seeking high returns.

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