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Bingo Power

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Bingo Power Summary

Bingo Power is Real Money Bingo Game released by Belatra Games on September 15th,2023 with an official RTP of 92%. You can play the Bingo Power demo Bingo game for free on all devices, and you can also place real money Bingo bets in all regions of the world on the Svip Casino website, ranging from 20 to 2000, and have a chance to win up to x1500 times your stake Huge bonuses for real money.

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Details for Bingo Power

Game Name: Bingo Power
Software: Belatra Games
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A
Columns: N/A
Features: ,,,,
Free spins: Yes
Autoplay: Yes
Multiplier: No
Min Bet: 20
Max Bet: 2000
Maximum Win: x1500
Release Date: 2023-09-15

Details for Bingo Power

Game Name Bingo Power
Software: Belatra Games
Bonus: Yes
Progressive: No
Paylines: N/A

Introduction to Bingo Power

What is power? The power is in the game BELATRA Bingo Power! Discover a new kind of online game and say goodbye to traditional slots, poker and roulette for a while. This new fashion game will bring you endless fun. It’s designed in the best traditions of online bingo: no drums and cards, just balls and numbers…the world of numbers is endless!

In keeping with tradition, Justa Bingo, like all BELATRA games, has been translated into 11 world languages to make it accessible to citizens around the world! In addition, the super jackpot “Wheel of Fortune” is also included, and if you decide to play bingo online for free, without registration, you have a great chance of winning this jackpot!

This dynamic online slot game from Belatra Games has quickly become the top choice among casino enthusiasts. The game is famous for its pulsating energy and vivid bingo-themed design. Bright colors and dynamic animations make the game more realistic and bring visual enjoyment.

In this Bingo Power slot review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this game stand out. The game features a range of unique slot features that provide an immersive entertainment experience and the opportunity to test your luck with a free demo slot before betting real money. Belatra Games has really set the bar very high with this exciting and engaging slot.



Bingo Power combines the excitement of bingo into a dynamic reel environment. The reel configurations are set up to attract a variety of paylines and multiple ways to win. This structure is designed to keep players discovering new paths to potential rewards every time they participate in a spin.

Compared to Bang Bang, another famous slot from Booming Games, we found that both games have exciting themes and a focus on rich paylines. However, Bingo Power stands out with its unique bingo style, while “Bang Bang” delivers a classic Wild West adventure. Both slots offer a rich experience to suit different player preferences, proving that there is plenty of choice on the site.


Bingo Power has an RTP of 92%, which means there’s an admirable balance between entertainment value and player return opportunities. This level of RTP is an attractive feature that gives players a clear picture of potential win frequencies and enhances appeal to players looking for fair play.


The volatility of the game ranges from medium to high, giving different types of players an engaging gaming experience. Such ranges guarantee both regular wins and exciting jackpots, attracting cautious players and thrill-seeking slot enthusiasts alike.

Greatest Victory

The theme of the Bingo Power game is to win big, and the highest payout can even reach 36,263 times your stake. It seems that even a humble bet of just one euro has the potential to translate into a huge bonus of €36,263, demonstrating the Bingo’s extraordinary bonus capabilities.


Bingo Power takes the classic bingo hall theme and combines it with modern online slot machines to form a festive feast that is both exciting and modern. Here, a vibrant atmosphere rivals the animated energy of the movie Hotel Transylvania, where fun and surprise meet around every corner, echoing the game’s optimistic spirit.

Bingo Power has exciting features and functionality

Bingo Power offers a range of unique and enjoyable features designed to enhance the gaming experience and increase your chances of achieving big wins. Each spin is packed with unique elements of the game, adding to the excitement of creating an extraordinary and engaging gameplay.

This article will discuss in detail the Bingo Power features that players may encounter in slot games. We’ll explore the role of special symbols, the thrill of free spins, the lure of the bonus round, the unexpected benefits of the gamble feature, and the way retriggers keep the game going.

Bingo Power Special Symbols

There are special symbols in the Bingo Power game, including wild symbols and scatter symbols. The wild symbol can substitute for other symbols to help form winning combinations. Scatter symbols can trigger free spins or bonus rounds, as well as unlock other game features.

Bingo Bonanza Free Spins

At Bingo Power we call the free spins Bingo Bonanza, which are triggered by simply landing a certain number of Scatter symbols. These free spins often come with additional benefits, such as multipliers or special symbol transformations, significantly improving players’ chances of winning.

Lucky Number Bonus

Once players unlock the Lucky Number Bonus, they will enter an exclusive mini-game that provides the opportunity to earn additional rewards. Activation often requires specific combinations of symbols or reaching specific milestones in the base game.

Double or no bet

After each victory, Bingo Power introduces an attractive “Double or Lose” gambling feature, giving players the chance to win exciting double winnings. Players can put their recent wins to use in quick card-based games of chance, potentially increasing their winnings significantly if they’re lucky.

Additional balls retrigger

In keeping with the bingo theme, the game has also added an ‘Extra Ball’ feature, which allows players to retrigger free spins or bonus rounds. When players earn additional scatter symbols or complete specific game objectives, it adds to the excitement of the game and extends the duration of the bonus game.

Jackpot Party Progressive Features

In addition to the usual offerings, Bingo Power also has a progressive feature called the Jackpot Party, which gives players the chance to win a series of jackpots of increasing value, adding extra excitement to every game.


For those looking to jump into the game right away, Bingo Power offers a Bonus Buy option, giving players the chance to purchase one of the lucrative bonus features directly, skip regular gameplay and test their fortunes right away.

Bingo Power official game details

on the combo panel:

  • Displays the winning combination of the current bet and its value, 1L and 2L represent any one row or any two rows
  • If the combination wins on any card, its value will be highlighted in red
  • If a ball is missing from any card’s combination, the missing position will be highlighted in green

On the carton:

  • The black substrate is designated as the winning number
  • The red substrate is represented by the winning combination number
  • The yellow substrate is represented by a number, which will bring you victory. Next to it is shown the future winnings of all cards when the number falls. Colored lines and marks tell you what combination you’ll get
on the combo panel
on the combo panel

Main Game

Bingo has 60 balls and consists of a main game and a game where additional balls can be purchased. 30 balls are given out in the main game, and you can buy more balls in add-on games, up to 14.

  • The maximum number of cards is – 4
  • The maximum bet on the card is – 500
  • The maximum bet per match is – 2000
  • To change your bet, press -, + or MAXBET
  • To open or close a card, click the button in the upper right corner of the card
  • To receive a card with a different number, click on the field for any card
  • Some numbers may be the same on different cards
  • To change the dispense speed, press the speedometer button
  • If a lower-fee combination on the card is included in a higher-fee combination, only the higher-fee combination will be paid.
main game
main game

Games with extra balls

  • After the main allocation, players may be asked to purchase additional balls for a certain price
  • The number of extra balls is optional, the maximum number of extra balls is 14
  • To refuse to continue and claim your bonus, click the “Pay” button
  • To continue the game, make sure you have enough money to buy a ball and click “Next Ball”
  • If you don’t have enough money, please top up your account within 20 minutes and reload the tab
  • If there is not enough money to buy the ball, the game is over
  • Sometimes magic balls will drop. Players can then choose any number that might lead to a winnings. A prompt will appear on the highest winning number
  • If the probability of winning when purchasing the next ball is less than 50%, the game will automatically end
game control
game control

Game Control

  • Change your bet using the button in the “BET” field or the “MAX BET” button
  • Press the START button to start the game
  • The ENTER and SPACE buttons on the keyboard duplicate the function of the START button
  • Press the AutoStart button to go to the AutoStart settings menu where you can select options and start autoplay by clicking the AutoStart button. You can turn off autoplay mode by pressing the STOP AUTO button
  • Press the MENU button to enter the game settings, where you can select (if available) bets, denominations, Turbo mode, risk game type, language, left or right hand mode, adjust the sound, view game history, study the paytable and game rules, Go to lobby
  • There are some quick buttons in the upper right corner of the screen that allow you to enter the lobby, turn on/off sound, expand the game to full screen, select language, view top bonuses

Mastering Bingo Tips: Know the Paytable and Game Rules Before Playing

Uncovering Bingo Power’s complex paytable and game information is not just a matter of satisfying curiosity, it is the basis for developing strategy. Understanding these details allows players to more clearly understand their chances of winning during the game, which is crucial to improving and enjoying the gaming experience.

Understanding Bingo Power’s game information isn’t just about understanding the rules of the game, it’s also about interpreting the paytable, mastering unique features, and adjusting your strategies for the best gaming experience. This in-depth understanding ensures a richer slot experience with informed expectations on every spin.

Decoding the odds table

At the heart of Bingo Power is a paytable rich with various symbols, each with a different value. We need to understand how these symbols fit together to form highly profitable winning combinations. For players looking to maximize their playing time, unique aspects of the paytable, such as symbol hierarchy or eye-catching odds, are crucial.

Learn more about game features

Bingo Power has unique features that not only set it apart from other slot machines, but also directly impact players’ strategy choices. By understanding how these features, such as multipliers or bonus symbols, relate to the paytable, a deeper understanding of the game can be gained and can have important implications for betting strategies and gaming decisions.


By delving deeper into the unique and captivating theme of the Bingo Power game, you’ll discover that it perfectly blends classic bingo games with cutting-edge slot machine games, giving you a new and exciting experience. The visual elements of the game feature a mixture of vibrant colors and designs that faithfully recreate the unique atmosphere of a bingo hall, giving you a more active and exciting gaming environment that greatly enhances the fun of the gaming experience.

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Bingo Power’s theme is brought to life through cleverly designed symbols, including traditional bingo balls and unique icons that represent the spirit of the game. The background is vibrant and fun, paired with upbeat sound effects, creating an immersive bingo-themed world for players to enjoy.

potential biggest win

In Bingo Power, the potential for the biggest win can turn virtual bingo into an amazing moment of wealth. As long as players can line up the most attractive symbols or trigger the right combination of features, they stand a chance of winning huge jackpots, as well as other slots that are praised for their high payouts.

Similar slot machine comparison

For loyal fans of Bingo Power, “Lucky Bank Robbers” by Belatra Games offers players a similar thrilling experience as Bingo Power with its heart-pounding robbery theme and the chance to win huge prizes. Quickspin’s Sticky Bandits shares the same adventurous spirit, promising exciting gameplay and great rewards. Although these slots have their own unique features, they all provide players with a similar addicting experience as Bingo Power.

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